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DC Universe Rebirth Reviewed!!!

Donnie Vasquez (@donnievasquez) is a artist and comic enthusiast. He has a great profile @comicbookpunch on Instagram,  with weekly art contest and comics reviews. We are lucky to have his review for #DCUniverseRebirth issue 1 for our #FantasticPour blog.
      Once I reached that one frame my head was about to explode. The one when Batman pulled out that blood splattered happy face from the cave wall. That was one of the biggest hooks I’ve ever been caught with. Now I’m hanging flopping around trying to catch my breath begging to be put back into the story so I can find out what’s going to happen next! 

Now if you haven’t read the DC Universe Rebirth #1 yet then you don’t know what I’m talking about. If plan on reading the comic you MUST get the back story of what is happening. Go read Flashpoint or watch the animated movie. That’s where it all starts when The Flash goes back in time. The fist page of the comic also tells you to read Justice League #50 and Superman #52. When I saw that disclaimer at the bottom I closed the comic, put on my shoes, and went to the comic book shop to buy those two issues. With this all said and stuff I’m going to jump into a little review of DC Universe Rebirth #1. There will be spoilers so read the comics above before reading the article below.

Time traveling in stories is always a tricky thing and I think DC does it well. Very well. I’m fairly new to reading comics and I’ve been trying to catch up on all of the story from the beginning. In Rebirth it was stated that because of the flashpoint things were forgotten from time. The Flash changed time in the past by saving his mother but realized he screwed up everything by doing that and decided to fix it, but time remained altered somewhat. One person though remained unaltered from the timelines because he resided in the Speed Force. Wally West, Kid Flash. This guy I had forgotten about myself. He is the only one who knows what has happened and he knows that not only the timeline was changed but The Flash isn’t the one to blame. So that brings up the question, who is to blame? Time Masters? Mobius? The Gods? What’s beyond the streams of time and the multiverse? 

There were a lot of characters being shown and Kid Flash trying to warn them that they have forgotten and that there is something bigger out there. I’m a guy who can mostly guess what was going to happen next and where the plot is going. I couldn’t figure anything out. And as Kid Flash is being torn apart by the Speed Force all of his efforts seem meaningless.

There are few other things happening in the story. Continuing from Superman #52 there is the investigative scene on the death of Superman, and I don’t think “that Superman” is coming back. I say “that Superman” because there is another Superman from another earth. I’m not too crazy on having main characters being replaced with other characters from other worlds. I feel like I don’t know them or care about them as much as the ones I’ve been following forever. But this other earth Superman seems to the Superman who fought and die against Doomsday. 

There is also a part with Batman that is continuing from Justice League Darkseid War. Batman had been sitting on the Mobius Chair that has a wealth of knowledge from across the multiverse. He had asked the chair two questions: Who killed my parents? And, What’s the Joker’s true name? The answers: Joe Chill, killed Tomas and Martha Wayne. And, there are three. What does that mean? Three Jokers or three names? Who is the true Joker? Questions that breed more questions. And questions that are great questions that keep someone like me around waiting to find out. 

Now I know everything may seem a little jumbled up and that’s because everything is. Time has been altered dimensions have crossed. War has happened. Heroes have died and comeback. The Flashpoint changed the world creating the New 52. But something was taken from that timeline something was forgotten and it wasn’t just Kid Flash. It was ten years! Someone stole TEN YEARS! Who can do that? Who has that kind of power. As the comic continues and Wally is talking to Barry, Batman is in his cave taking a look at the letter from his father The Flash had brought back from the alternate timeline. From Flashpoint. Wally is talking about a war coming. There is someone more powerful than Reverse-Flash and more powerful than Darkseid. This is where I freaking lost my mind. A gleam caught Batman’s eye from the wall of the cave. He picked away at the rock to find a to find a blood splattered happy face button. That’s when Wally West tells The Flash, “…We’re being watched.” 


Are you kidding me? I’m not a big fan of Watchmen, but if you want me to be then have Batman find the Comedians button in his Batcave.

I’ve enjoy the New 52 very much, and I’m excited for this rebirth story and what it will bring to the DC Universe. Hopefully you have bought your copy of Rebirth or at least going to after reading this. That’s all I have to say for now.

-Donnie Vasquesz @donnievasquez @comicbookpunch 

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Flask Back Friday 

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Marvel Monday

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